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  • Education Tours is the travel management company which takes the students to improve their skills and efficiency at the plenty of educational institutions, schools and colleges that plays a vital role in the overall development of the students. Educational tours are packed with the adventures, experiences and discoveries of the tourist destination which takes you to learn more. Our experienced team has the good relations with teachers, administrators and the management which help and guide students for the study of modern techniques and technologies. The knowledge make a positive impact on the behaviour of the students which helps them to learn in an exciting way. Parents are provided the complete information about the institutions, schools and colleges which helps them in increasing their interest.

Logistics : has the team of the professionals which can complete the expectations of the students which include meal, insurance, accommodation and transfers. Budgeted tour packages are arranged to give you proper enjoyment. Students need some pocket money to increase their adventure.

Customized payment :

We provide facilities for the students and parents to pay the money by the customized payment type instead of the full amount.

Safety :

Most important thing of our tour packages is safety which is the utmost priority with special emphasis and hygienic conditions at all the hotels.

Full Time Tour Director :

The professional guided tour to Dubai which takes care of all the belongings, happening, accommodation and meal. It also allows visitors to enjoy the tour without any worries.

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