Top Things to Do in Dubai for a Budget Traveler


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Dubai is initially seen as the luxurious and most expensive tourist destination. Most of the times, Dubai obviously goes out of the budget. After all, it is one of the most luxurious destinations in the world and defines the luxurious lifestyle of people to the rest of the world. But it is clearly a myth that Dubai is not for budget travelers. Dubai also welcomes budget travelers just the way it does with rich and famous. Even on a shoestring budget, travelers can still enjoy the fun and exciting holidays in this city.

Listed here are a few things you can do in Dubai if you have a budget.

Jumeirah Beach – Spend Your Day at Leisure:-

Jumeirah Beach is the best place to soak in the sun and pamper and relax on the white sandy beach with the stunning beauty of Burj Al Arab in the background. You can also enjoy a lot of exciting water sports. Spend your day at leisure without worrying about the budget.

The Dubai Mall – Window Shopping at World’s Largest Mall

Who doesn’t love doing it? Soak in the grandeur of some of the biggest malls in Dubai, such as Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta, and the Dubai Mall, which is one of the best things to do in this city. Trust us, you won’t get bored.

Respite at the Safa Park

When we think of Dubai, we imagine a city surrounded by sands and desert. Well, Dubai is also famous for well-maintained and lush green scenery in the parks. Safa Park is one of the best-landscaped parks in Dubai where you can visit any time of the day to have a relaxed day out with family and friends.

Get in-depth Knowledge about Dubai

Ditch the web, books and tour guides. The Sheikh Mohammed Center of Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) is your new heaven to learn about the culture, history and Islamic nature of the city. Also, enjoy the delicious Arabic cuisine and get in depth of local customs and tradition. You will definitely have a different outlook about the local and Islamic culture once you get there.

Desert Safari in Dubai

When you plan to visit Dubai, almost everyone you know might request you to go for Desert Safari and share your experiences. Of, course it is great fun for the visitors. Desert safari in Dubai can easily fit in any budget and you can also find many packages like a safari with desert, sand dunes bashing, overnight camping and Quad biking.

Water Taxi at Dubai Creek

There is nothing that can beat the pleasure of Abra Ride in Dubai. It is the fun, cheap and best way to travel to and fro from Deira to Bur Dubai. Abra was once the only mode of transport. Today, it is one of the most affordable ways to travel across the Dubai creek. It is one of the best things to enjoy in Dubai as it gives you insight into the history of Dubai.

Shop at Al-Karama Market

Shopping in Dubai is not just limited to giant shopping malls. Even the souks offer the best things in Dubai. There are amazing souvenirs available at the well-known Karama Market of Dubai where you can find enough room to bargain.

Enjoy at Dubai Marina Walk

Covered by some of the world-class boutiques and some amazing seating cafes in the outdoor, Dubai Marina walk is among the best places to enjoy the delicious English breakfast. Here, you can enjoy the leisurely walk at the Dubai Marina and feel the vibe of the metropolis.

Dine at Dhow Cruise

Have a wonderful dinner while enjoying the glittering skyline of the city on the open deck and relish the delicious dishes on the Dhow Cruise. Also enjoy the dance, entertainment, and music at the lower air-conditioned deck. It is one of the best things to do in this city.

Embrace the Jaw-Dropping Structure of Burj Khalifa

Believe me; the hype of this giant structure has a sense. There is no other experience like being on the tallest building in the world and explore the city skyline from its observatory deck at level 144. I wonder how it feels like living in residences on top floors. Your visit to Dubai cannot be completed without getting here. It is one of the best things to do in this city.


Feel the essence of Arabic traditions and get to know the rich and dynamic part of Islamic culture at the Jumeirah Mosque. The very air in its atmosphere is serene and it relaxes you quickly.

Capture the Largest Dancing Fountain in the World

If you are in Dubai, you can see the largest musically choreographed fountain in the world for free. The Dancing Fountains would definitely amaze you like the fountain dances to the tunes and you would be mesmerized by its beauty.

The Miracle Garden – Heaven on Earth

It houses more than 45 million flowers of several species. It is one of its kind and the largest garden in the world. It is truly a visual treat and one of the best things to do in Dubai. It has become one of the must-visit tourist attractions in the world in a few years.

Visit the Souks of Deira

Each souk of Dubai amazes you for its diversity, vibrancy, infectious energy and collection, whether you want to buy anything or not. The perfume souk, gold souk, textile and spice souk are the most prominent souks of Deira.

Hop on Driverless Dubai Metro

Built within just 18 months, Dubai Metro is not just the fastest and cheapest way to travel anywhere in the city but is also one of the most comfortable and best modes of transport. The metro stations are also located in the proximity to all leading tourist attractions.

Enjoy Street Food in Deira

Enjoy the sumptuous Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, and Chinese meals and almost any popular internal dishes available for less in Deira Street of Dubai. It also houses Arabic, Lebanese, Japanese, Oriental, and English cuisines in authentic taste.

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