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Top 10 Things to Know About Dubai Before Travelling

Dubai is the amazing city in UAE which takes you to enjoy in the Desert with the magnificent architecture, high buildings, pristine beaches and adventurous outdoor activities. It has become the best tourist attraction which attracts millions of visitors from every region and trade to enjoy the beauty of such a great place.  Some points must be kept in consideration before travelling to Dubai which helps visitors for a hassle-free and convenient trip. Here is an overview of the travel tips which are necessary for the travelers. Findf Top 10 Things to Know About Dubai Before Travelling –

Top 10 Things to Know about Dubai before Travelling

1- Documentation: – Valid documents are necessary to be verified at the time of entering in Dubai that include visitors ID, address, visa, passport and more. The authority of Dubai conducts eye screening for the travelers at the airport. To enjoy a hassle free and convenient trip, visitors must have enclosed all the documents which can be asked by the security officers.

2- Visa: Visa is mandatory for the citizens of India but some countries don’t require any visa for Dubai. They require only a passport with a minimum 6 months validity at the time of arrival. For the Indians, it is necessary to choose the right visa as there are many visas available for the tourists such as tourist visa, transit visa, multiple entry visa, short term and long term visa. All visas are non-renewable, so choose right visa as per your purpose to visit.

3- Climate: Climate plays a vital role before planning a trip. Dubai is hot and humid throughout the year where desert can be seen everywhere. Many outdoor activities can’t be performed under the Scorching sun and these are performed in a better way in winters. Summer is the best time for enjoyment at the water parks, overnight safari, shopping and the picturesque scenery of a really great place.

4- Transportation: Transport in Dubai is controlled by the transport authority which takes you on a comfortable journey. Many means of transportation are available in Dubai which can be used for commuting at the different places of Dubai that includes Bus, Train, taxis, metro and also water bus.  A wide variety of transportation facilities in Dubai takes visitors to enjoy the attraction, activities and rides.

5- Currency: Dirham is the currency of Dubai but Saudi riyal, US dollar, British pound, Euro and the Australian Dollars are also accepted here. At many places, there are ATMs which are built for the customers’ convenience. Credit card and debit cards are also accepted at the most of the hotels, restaurants and shopping malls.

6- Language: Dubai is situated on the Persian Gulf coast where Arabic is the official language of such a magnificent city but English is the most common language that is used for conversation.

7- Nightlife: An overwhelming mystical city and a major tourist attraction that gives a pleasant experience to enjoy nightlife in Dubai. A wide variety of Bars and clubs which opens in the evening and the enjoyment of live performances with a glass of wine really amaze visitors. Mostly clubs and bars are located within the hotel premises and gives enjoyment with a view of the outside skyscrapers in Dubai.

8- Healthcare: Dubai is the safe country as there can be no health issue at the time of travelling but it is a good idea to make a travel insurance because there may be sun burning and dehydration. Travel insurance helps you in the cashless treatment if there is any emergency and medical stores can also be found easily.

9- Drinking laws: Dubai government doesn’t allow visitors for consuming alcohol who are below 21 years of age and visitors must have the valid ID proof with you while going to any bar in Dubai. Consuming alcohol is prohibited at the public places in Dubai and it can be consumed only at the star restaurants or bars who are having a license for it. It anybody find to break the rules while consuming alcohol then the person will be punished for that.

10- Safety: Although there are strict rules in Dubai which make it safe and best destination for the tourist yet there can be some issues pick-pocketing and theft at some places. There are very less chance of crime in Dubai but if you find any place which seems unsafe or suspicious then it is good to avoid that place for a pleasant and comfortable journey.

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