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Top 10 Outdoor Adventurous Activities in Dubai

Dubai is a well-known tourist destination which gives a thrilling experience of enjoying outdoor adventurous activities that include mountain Safari, Desert safari, biking, climbing, sky diving, fishing and many more. Dubai is considered a paradise for the lovers of adventure where challenging tasks gives a really amazing experience to cheer up the mood of the travelers. It gives a safe experience to the participants as these activities are performed under the guidance of the professional trainers.Here is a list of Top 10 Outdoor Adventurous Activities in Dubai:-

Top 10 Outdoor Adventurous Activities in Dubai

1- Desert Safari: – Desert safari in Dubai is a fantastic outdoor adventurous activities which gives a thrilling experience to the visitors. It gives an opportunity to enjoy safari ride, camel ride, dune bashing and sand boarding in the golden sand of the desert. The activities in the desert take visitors to overcome the fear and lose yourself in the live performances, henna tattooing and also savour delicious BBQ dinner.

desert safari in dubai

2- Mountain Safari: – Mountain safari is the most adventurous activity that takes you to on a memorable experience with the climbing, biking, hiking and also safari ride by passing through the rocky landscapes, Wadis and mountain trails. It takes you to ride on the Hatta Mountain, Hajar Mountain and more which also gives a glimpse of the exotic animals of the desert.

mountain safari in dubai

3- Quad Biking: Quad Biking is an amazing adventurous activity which takes you to enjoy the ride in the red dunes that gives a really thrilling experience to all the visitors. The off road activity which is performed with the help of the safety gears and gives a pleasant experience to the riders. Ride a bike in the golden sand is a perfect time to enjoy the amazing sunrise or sunset views with the changing hues.

quad biking in dubai

4- Sky Diving: – Sky Diving is the most adventurous free fall diving activity that need no prior experience. It’s a best option to see the magnificent skyline while falling from the height that gives lots of fun to the traveler while swooping over the palm Jumeirah. A safe activity which is performed under the guidance of the experienced trainers which can be enjoyed by the fresher.

sky diving in dubai

5- Hot Air Ballooning: – Hot Air Ballooning is the most adventurous activity which takes you to fly high in a basket by gliding over the desert. It gives a pleasant experience to enjoy with family and friends by flying over the sand dunes. The activity is performed very early because during this time the air is so cold which should be avoided by the small kids and the heart patients.

hot air ballooning in dubai

6- Jet Skiing: – Jet Skiing is the thrilling water sport activity that gives an exciting experience to the lovers of adventure. The activity ensures safety and satisfaction of all the participants. Jet Ski is a noiseless watercraft which takes you to enjoy the activity in the friendly environment by floating on water.

Jet Skiing in dubai

7- Bungee jumping: – Bungee jumping the activity where a large elastic spinal cord is attached to the participants. The cord takes the travellers to rush down from the height of 50 metre at a speed of 60 mph. In this activity, the performer has to fall from a movable object such as helicopter and hot air balloon. To overcome the fear, Bungee jumping is the best adventurous activity.

bungee jumping in dubai

8- Water & Theme Parks: – Dubai has many water parks as well as theme parks where you can enjoy many thrilling rides & high waves of the flood river. It gives an incredible adventurous experience of enjoying at the spring coaster, sport pool, water guns and water sports activities. The parks gives an ample opportunity to swim with the aquatic creatures and enjoy water rides for an enthralling experience.

water and theme park in dubai

9- Fishing: Fishing is one of the most amazing adventurous activities which takes visitors on a finest fishing spot. Enjoy the fishing in the deep sea ocean with the top quality equipment by plucking out the baby sharks, catfish, groupers and snappers.

fishing in dubai

10- Fly boarding: – Fly boarding is the adventurous water sport activity which gives an unforgettable thrilling experience of the flying over the sea. In this activity, a small board is connected with a pipe which pumps the water in to the board and the pressure of the water is controlled by the instructor. A safe ride where life jackets and helmets are provided to the participants.

flyboarding in dubai

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