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Top 10 Best Tourist Places in Dubai – You must see

Dubai is the city in UAE which is located on the northern coastline with many attractions that attracts every year a large number of travellers from all over the world to enjoy the beauty of the amazing man-made architecture. A beautiful destination with wide variety of attractive places such as seven star hotel, colourful fountain, shopping places and nature gives really a surprising experience to the visitors of different regions. Here is a list of top 10 attractive places which gives visitors a chance to enjoy the beauty of a great place. find a list of Top 10 Best Tourist Places in Dubai – you must see

Top 10 Best Tourist Places in Dubai - You must see

1- Burj Al Arab: Burj Al Arab is the only seven star hotel in Dubai which is really a great place for the honeymooners. A tall structure on the manmade Island takes visitors can enjoy the amazing architecture of the hotel with fine dining and hi-tea facilities. It gives a pleasant experience with a glimpse of the glittering skyline of the city while enjoying the beauty of the high skyscrapers from the top of the hotel.

burj al arab
                                                                 Burj al arab

2- Burj Khalifa: – Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower which is located in the front of the Dubai Mall with a colourful fountain at the bottom of the tower. The fountain show is performed every evening which rises very high and looks very amazing under the moon light. The tower has more over 160 floors and visitors can go to the top of the tower for enjoying the beauty of the amazing skyscrapers in Dubai. A spacious observation deck is at the 148th floor which all can be easily accessed by an elevator.

burj khalifa
                                                            Burj Khalifa

3- Palm Jumeirah: Palm Jumeirah is the amazing man-made attraction, is designed in the shape of palm tree. A major tourist attraction is considered as the eighth wonder of the world. A spectacular tourist terminus provides opportunities for leisure, enjoyment, fine dining and also accommodation. Its trunks consist a swimming pool, villas, bars, beach areas and luxurious hotel where an amazing 5 star Atlantis hotel is also built on this Island.

palm jumeirah
                                                                Palm Jumeirah

4- Snow Park: Ski Dubai Snow Park is a magnificent place which takes visitors away from the heat of the desert to enjoy the snow activities and observe the march of the penguins. A large indoor snow park takes visitors on a relaxed journey which gives a really memorable experience with the activities including chair lift, penguin show, snowboarding and snow Bullet.

snow park
                                                                  Snow Park

5- Dubai Mall: Dubai Mall is the attractive place in Dubai where many outlets, theater and indoor theme parks are available. It takes visitors to enjoy there as it provides many fun opportunities for the kids at Kidzania, Sega Republic, Dubai Ice rink, Dubai aquarium and underwater Zoo. These places takes children to convert their dreams in to reality with a thrilling experience to enjoy many activities.

Dubai Mall
                                                                        Dubai Mall

6- Gold Souk: Dubai has many souks but Gold Souk is the best place for the tourist to explore many designs of the beautiful jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings etc. It’s really a magnificent place where you can find the latest fashion jewelry, do window shopping and also buy souvenirs. Visitors need to bargain there for getting the best rates of the ornaments so that visitors can buy the ornament at affordable and the best price.

Gold Souk
                                                                     Gold Souk

7- Global Village: Global Village is the amazing place to enjoy the international shopping experience in Dubai with live performances, mouth-watering cuisines and ultimate handicrafts of the different countries. It gives really a pleasant experience of shopping especially at the time of shopping festival with a fine collection of merchandises.  A shopping paradise with amazing rides, fireworks and games attract visitors to enjoy at a wide variety of outlets.

Global Village
                                                                  Global Village

8- Dubai Creek: Dubai Creek is also an amazing attraction of Dubai where natural sea water with small water taxi & wooden dhows take visitors to enjoy the beauty of the amazing place. Earlier, it used to be an old trading port where dhows float on water where modern and historic landmarks old trading tradition. Wonderful views with fascinating colorful lights attracts to enjoy at the dhows with live performances and stroll at the bank of the sea.

dubai creek
                                                                Dubai Creek

9- Wild Wadi Water Park: Wild wadi is a theme park which is considered a great place to enjoy vacations. It’s thrilling rides, amazing activities and fascinating architecture has become the most popular tourist attraction that also include highest slides. The park is a beautiful destination located in front of the amazing 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab is a place for fun and enjoyment.

Wild Wadi Water Park
                                                         Wild Wadi Water Park

10- Miracle Garden: Miracle Garden is the fascinating natural attraction in Dubai where one can find millions of colorful flowers that presents panoramic views of the city. Miracle Garden is the most amazing man made garden that has preserved the beauty where a Ferrari car is at the garden loaded with many colorful flowers and the pathways are designed in 3D design. The garden also consists a separate area for the children’s playing. The garden is artistically designed whose aim is to give a real pleasure to the visitors.

Miracle Garden
                                                                 Miracle Garden

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