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On the 4th of January, 2019, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa has celebrated its 9th birthday. It is still hard to believe that it was inaugurated in 2010. It has been captivating the lives by taking over the gorgeous sunsets and skylines of Dubai.

The tallest structure really stands tall and proudly represents everything you can find in Dubai. It is truly a magnificent structure for the country. When it makes residents feel proud to call it their home, it also welcomes many expats and tourists who come to Dubai with its alluring sights.

It also reminds us that everything can be achieved when there is shared goal, no matter how big your aim is. It can be seen in the radius of 92 km from downtown. It is truly an epitome of best Dubai packages and its glorious future. As a tribute to the tallest tower and in occasion of its 9th birthday, here are some of the astounding facts we bet you didn’t know about –

Burj Khalifa – Facts You Didn’t Know

  •  Before inauguration, the megatall skyscraper Burj Khalifa was known as Burj Dubai.

  •  Standing above 828m (2716.5 ft.) tall, the height of Burj Khalifa has beaten almost everything ever built by humans from ground level.
    With 163 stories, Burj Khalifa has world record for highest stories count.
  •  It also has world record for highest habitable floors with 160 stories.
  •  At level 153, Burj Khalifa also has world’s highest occupied floor.
  •  The construction was started in 2004 and the exterior of the building was finished in 2009. It is made of reinforced concrete material. In 2010, the building was opened as part of Downtown Dubai development.


  •  It was designed by an American urban planning, architectural, and engineering firm, Skidmore, Owings & Merill (SOM).
  •  The design of Burj Khalifa is inspired by the structure of Spider Lily (Hymenocallis), a local desired flower, which was also the vision of Adrian Smith to develop this iconic tower.
  •  Burj Khalifa took record breaking 39000 metric ton of reinforced steel, 330,000 cu meters (11.6 mn. cubic ft) of concrete, 15,500 sq. m. (116,800 sq. ft.) of embossed stainless steel, and 103,000 sq. m of glass, along with 22 million hours of workforce.
  •  During the construction of Burj Khalifa, over 12000 workers had worked on site at a time. Burj Khalifa is completely a mixed-use tower, which consists of office space spread over 27,870 sq. m. (300,000 sq. ft.), residential space of 171,870 sq. m. (1.85 million sq. ft.), and Armani Residences and Armani Hotel Dubai. The tower also features wellness and health centers, lounges, two observation decks, and four pools.
  •  The Residence’s lobby is dominated by the eponymous sculpture ‘World Voices’ by Jaume Plensa. There are 196 cymbals in this piece.
  •  The three major entrances of Burj Khalifa – Residence, Armani Hotel, and Corporate Suites – were designed on different levels for smooth flow of traffic.
  •  From floors 12 to 108, Burj Khalifa has around 1000 apartments. There are 2909 stairs in total. It means people on the upper floors would need to climb most of those to get home in case lifts were failed.



  •  In The Residence, the interiors seem to be influenced by Middle Eastern culture. The arcs and curves represent the strokes in Arabic calligraphy and you can also see the slopes of sand dunes in the carpets, flooring, and ceilings.
  •  Standing around 555 meters tall, Burj Khalifa SKY is the most iconic destination of Dubai. It is world’s highest outdoor observatory spreads over levels 125 and 148 of Burj Khalia with spectacular views.
  •  Along with the stunning views of the city, you can also observe the aerial view of The Dubai Fountain on the Observatory Decks of Burj Khalifa.
  •  It houses the first Armani Hotel in the world, inaugurated on April 2010. In this luxury hotel, all of the aspects have the signature signs of Giorgio Armani, from designs of the rooms to furnishings and fabrics selected.
  •  It also houses the highest restaurant in the world, At.mosphere at 441.2 meters on 122nd floor. In this restaurant, the interiors have been designed by Adam Tihany, an architect based in New York. There are three different parts of the restaurant which provide serene views of Dubai, cover the whole floor, and the sea and desert beyond the city.

  •  With total 8 escalators and 57 elevators, Burj Khalifa also has the tallest service elevator in the world, with capacity of 5500 kg. It also has the Observatory elevators which travel at 10 m/s as double deck cabs.
  •  The world’s highest nightclub is also located in Burj Khalifa, i.e. on 143rd floor. On Level 123, Burj Khalifa also has highest library in the world, at The Residences.
  •  The lighting in Burj Khalifa complements well the way what building is. The façade of this elegant and simple structure is lit by a range of stroboscopes, which can be programmed well to cover up the tower or sparkle at random, or in a pattern.
  •  There are three sections of landscaped areas of the tower – for the offices, residences, and the hotel. The landscape has six water bodies, a palm court, lake-side promenade, play area, forest groves and terrace gardens.
  •  When a thick layer of fog covers the city of Dubai on a foggy morning, the Observation Decks in Burj Khalifa really have sights that are out of this world. It seems you are living above the clouds.

foggy morning,

  •  Burj Khalifa has been known as the ‘vertical city’ and the name couldn’t be more perfect. With its mixed use and magnitude, it has over 10000 people in the region at a time and it has occupancy of over 35000 people


  • Burj Khalifa celebrates New Year’s Eve Gala every year in Downtown Dubai. It is one of the most awaited events as it starts with fireworks and light shows. Over 1 million people attend the event and it is telecast live to more than 2 billion people in the world.

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