10 Museums in Dubai to Explore its Rich Heritage and History

10 Museums in Dubai to Explore its Rich Heritage and History

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Dubai is well regarded for its futuristic skyscrapers and modern architecture. It has a range of world records for its remarkable architectures as well. You will definitely be mesmerized with the amazing beauty of Palm Island and Burj Khalifa. Over the past few decades, some of the well-known tourist attractions have been built in Dubai. To pay tribute to its rich and vibrant history, Dubai has plenty of museums.


Museums in Dubai paying tribute to its Rich Heritage

If you are a history lover, you may definitely want to learn how Dubai became such a glorifying city. For doing this, you may definitely visit some of the most amazing museums in Dubai. Here are some of the best museums you must visit

1. Etihad Museum

The Etihad Museum is the most recent museum and also the most impressive in the world. At 1 Jumeirah Street, the museum takes you back to the history of the United Arab Emirates. It is located where the nation was formed in the year 1971. It teaches visitors about the era when the seven Emirates came together to lay the foundation stone of the UAE. This educational and innovative experience will become the memory for a lifetime for the history buffs.


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2. Hatta Heritage Village

Located on the Dubai outskirts, Hatta Heritage Village exhibits the rich culture and history dating back to over 2000 to 3000 years old. It was opened for public and renovated in the year 2001. In this heritage village, tourists get a view to the hilly region of Hatta as well as the ancient village existed years ago. There are two castles, some original buildings, and fort for you to check out. These buildings are known to have original furniture, tools, and weapons with some model structures for storytelling.


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3. Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum is well known among the tourists who want to learn about the transformation of Dubai as a historic city to a futuristic metropolis that it is today. At Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai, Dubai Museum is located close to Dubai Creek which is among the most traditional attractions in the city. This museum is located at the Al Fahidi Fort which was built in 1787. It depicts the history of the city via models of places, people, and animals to explain in brief. You can also get an insight into history with some of the beautiful artifacts.


4. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House

The Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House was built in the year 1896 at Al Shindagha. It holds great value in the rich past of the city of Dubai. The family of Al Maktoum is the ruling and royal family of Dubai who has lived in this house until the year 1958. The last ruler who lived in this place was late Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum. When the family moved to a new home, this house was later turned into a museum. It has beautiful historic pictures of the royal family, a collection of coins, jewelry, and stamps. If you want to learn about the lifestyle of the royal family which changed over the past 100 years, this museum will quench your curiosity.


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5. Coffee Museum

The Coffee Museum is one of the most amazing landmarks which gives insight to the international and regional history of coffee with its antiques. It is located in the historic complexes at Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood of Al Bastakiya. It gives you an option to experience the lifestyle of old Dubai. The museum is well known for coffee tasting sessions for the coffee enthusiasts.


6. Al Bastakiya

Al Bastakiya gives you an insight into the historic neighborhood of the city in Al Hamriya, Bur Dubai. You can learn about the lifestyle of people and it existed before the development of skyscrapers. For all the art lovers, the Majlis Gallery gives great experience in this museum.


7. Museum of the Future

Planned to inaugurate in 2019, the Museum of the Future will show the evolution of technology over the next two decades to come. Established by the Dubai Future Foundation, the Museum of the Future will give you a clear understanding of the possible change in climate by 2050. It will also hold talk sessions, special courses, and workshops with cutting-edge technology. It is all set to become the largest museum in the world with various trends and opportunities.


8.Naid Museum

Dubai Naid Museum in Deira is strategically located in the old fort which was once a Police HQ and a prison. In this museum, you can explore the evolution of the police force in the city with the judicial system. In 1939, the museum was built using clay and it has life-sized exhibits, models and displays. You can get breathtaking insight into the formation of the Dubai Police Force which is told with innovative exhibitions and life-size statues.

Naid Museum

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9. Saruq Al-Hadid Museum

In the historic setting of Shindagha district, the Saruq Al-Hadid Museum presents the historic era of the Iron Age in the city of Dubai. In this museum, the artifacts were found on the Rub Al-Khali desert on the archeological site. Thousands of bronze pots, iron tools, fossils, and gold jewelry were found by the archeologists, which are on display these days.


10.Pearl Museum

The economy of the country relies mostly on oil these days. But, it was well known for the pearls in the past. It has a rich history of manufacturing some of the world’s finest pearls. You can see most of these natural attractions in the Pearl Museum. It also showcases the equipment used by divers and their lifestyle back then. You need to contact Emirates NBD to book your visit in advance and they arrange the same in small groups of 8 to 10 visitors at once.


Bottom Line

When it comes to entertainment and modern culture, Dubai has no lack of attractions. But the administration is also doing all the efforts to aware people of the rich culture and history of Dubai. And there are no better places than these museums to get back in time



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