10 Best Water Sports Activities for Lifetime Experience in Dubai

10 Best Water Sports Activities for Lifetime Experience in Dubai

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You just name anything, Dubai has it to offer. From the best of glitz and glam in the world to beautiful and peaceful mosques, and from the enormity of desert to the adventurous water sports, the city of Dubai is full of surprises. The best part is that the city has something for everyone. All these things make Dubai truly an indispensable city. No matter what you like or want to do, Dubai will never let you down.

Despite being a city of the desert, Dubai still has some of the best water activities in the world. You can enjoy a large number of water activities in Dubai unlike somewhere else. For all the adventure lovers, here are some of the best water activities you can enjoy in Dubai and will definitely make your trip more fun and exciting –

1.Blue Lagoon Snorkeling ​


If you are here to spot the stunning aquatic species in the coastline of Dubai, there is no better way than snorkeling. The spiky sea trenches raise the chances to spot marine life in the shoreline. Some of the best locations to snorkel your way out are Snoopy Rock, Dibba Rock, and the Musandam Peninsula which is located close to the entrance to the Persian Gulf. You can learn the basics with snorkeling lessons from the instructors and enjoy this sport under trainers’ guidance.


2.Jet Skiing ​


Feel the adrenaline rush while zooming at 70 kmph of speed when you are jetskiing your heart out. Riding a powerful beast on the blue waters, what else can you expect from your life? Just go and enjoy this exciting sport while splashing water. Jet skiing is restricted in Dubai but there are still several beaches where jet skiing is allowed.

Some of the best places in Dubai where you can enjoy this water sport are Dubai Marina, Jumeirah (2 and 3 beaches), and one and two beaches of Umm Sequim. It is advised to keep 300m of distance between skiers and swimmers. You will be ready to zoom on your jet ski after some briefing from experts and flaunt your skiing skills. 

3.Relive with Scuba Diving ​


Scuba diving is the best activity for you to explore the Arabian Gulf. You will feel relaxed when you see the rich biodiversity. It is really breathtaking when you see the vivid fishes swimming past you in the turquoise blue water. You can feel the ultimate silence to the level that makes you feel as if you are alone in this world. Scuba diving is the ultimate adventure sport conducted under the supervision of leading professionals. A lot of hotels and agencies offers packages for scuba diving designed for both beginners and experts. The underwater lagoon in Dubai houses rays, sharks, and shoals of beautiful fishes along with 65000 marine lives.


4.Enjoy Deep Sea Fishing and Catch Some Big Fishes​


Fishing is an important part of the heritage in Dubai thanks to its huge coastline. It is one of the biggest destinations for sailfish in the world. Dubai attracts a lot of well-known mariners and sea fishing lovers in the Middle East. You can get the best catch with the latest techniques and equipment. It is an ideal spot to spend time on leisure with family and friends. You may catch species like Sultan Ibrahim, Blue Fin Tuna, Trevally, and Barracuda King Fish if you are lucky enough.

5. Flyboarding - Nurture a Hero Within ​


Flyboarding is the best activity to surf the sea, swim underwater, and even fly up off the water surface up to 10 meters. This amphibious innovation lets you pump the adrenaline by swimming underwater and surfing the sea. This activity is also easy to learn and you must try this in Dubai. A jet ski and a coach will tail you along. You don’t have to worry about the climate and it can be enjoyed all day. You can enjoy this sport without safety woes as it is not held in areas where water is deep.


6.Enjoy Wakeboarding ​


Wakeboarding combines surfing, jet skiing, and snowboarding. A motorboat will tow you on the wakeboard where you will learn and excel in this art. You can learn from the award-winning and well-qualified instructors on wakeboarding sessions. Whether you are an amateur or professional in this sport, you must try this. You can enjoy it all days, according to weather conditions.

7.Stand-up Paddle (SUP) ​


It is the best and relaxing activity to skip the chaos of bustling city life and embrace the exotic beauty of blue waters. You can go for SUP excursions with minimal training and safety measures by knowledgeable experts. Ride the SUP board and paddle along the calm waters while capturing the beautiful views of the shoreline. The only condition is that you must be at least 16 years old and you know swimming. It might seem that you are unable to balance over the board. But you will nail the balancing with few attempts.

8.Kayaking ​


Soak up the natural beauty of shoreline and unwind your stress of busy life while kayaking. You don’t have to be an experienced professional to enjoy this sport. With brief safety lessons by the trainers, you can hit the water. You should be at least 16 years old and your weight should fall from 45 kg to 100 kg to enjoy this activity. You can enjoy unmatched and panoramic views of modern architectural landmarks when you hit waters on a kayak.

9.Surf the Waters​


Enjoy some exciting surfing sessions while hopping on the surfboard in the waters of Arabian Gulf and Jumeirah Beach. Professional surfers from different parts of the world visit here for some amazing sessions. You can go and hit the waves and leave the Dubai shorelines behind. For beginners, it is a bit hard to learn. But once you learn the sport, you will come back for more.


10.Explore the Water World on Seabreacher​


You can ride in your own submarine that can glide on the water surface or race underwater with a mind-blowing pace of 100 km per hour. It moves almost like a dolphin. The best thing is that it is air-conditioned. This beast looks like a shark. You can easily hire it at JBR, The Beach, and Rixos The Palm.

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